Complaints Process

Puno is committed to maintaining high standards of competency and transparency when dealing with prospective and existing customers. In the case that you do not receive a service not in a competent and transparent manner, you as a consumer maintain the right to complain about any inappropriate advice or services rendered.




Who may lodge the complaint?


The complaint may be lodged by you as a client, a nominated beneficiary or a lawful successor.


What constitutes a complaint?


A complaint relating to a financial service rendered by the FSP or Representative which may be lodged by you against Puno or any of its representatives if you have:

(1) been treated unfairly; and

(2) suffered prejudice or damage as a result of Puno or its representative

(3) suffered prejudice or damages as a result of the wilful or negligent financial service rendered by Puno or its representatives.


How to complain:


(1) It is advisable to complain to Puno or its representative first. Whatsapp our team on (+27) 76 7370 121. Email

(2) Ask us to look at the complaint. You will need to fill in our complaint form with the details. Our client relations team can help you fill the form in. Alternatively, our client relations team can send the form to you.

(3) Our complaint form: Complainant needs to sign the complaint form and return it to us.

(4) Complaint forms will be directed to the relevant departmental manager.

(5) Complaints regarding unusual or suspicious transactions and fraud will be forwarded to the relevant parties.




Once you have lodged your complaint we will:


(1) Acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing as soon as reasonably possible. (2) Investigate the complaint in a timely and fair manner.

(3) Respond in writing to you with the outcome of our investigation.

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