Puno is an all rounded
fintech solution for farmers

Puno Exists to drive small scale farmers into commercialization because the future of the African economy, a sustainable future that is, lies in exporting less, distributing our food resources better(throwing away less food). We are building African small scale farmers, 1 farmer at a time, to create a more sustainable Africa.

Who We Are?

At Puno, we are actively addressing issues from the beginning of the Agric Value Chain.

With us, the small amount of money in your pocket, could make a difference in a farmer’s life.

Plus, you get returns on your investment as the farmer harvests!

We are building the African small scale farming ecosystem, 1 farmer at a time.
De-risking them for investment.

Every week, day in, day out, the Puno team still debates, brainstorms and discusses ways to make the farmers’ lives more easier.
Reach out to our friendly group of experts for clarity or anything you might need.

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Share sale structure

A farmer can sell shares of their business and shareholders will get their dividends as the farmer harvests.

Crowd investing opportunities

People from all over the world can give the farmer a portion of what the farmer needs to reach predefined goals. The farmer pays back as they harvest until the money is paid back in full plus interest to the investors.

Pre-Harvest prospects

Where a farmer sells their harvests in advance and the group of investors or retailers get their returns in goods or monetary terms at the stipulated harvest time.

What Do We Do?

How Do We Do It?


As a farmer, you tell us how much you need, what you need it for and submit your documentation to us by pressing on “Join our community of farmers”. Our team will reach out to you within 24 working hours to organize a farm visit, or to find out more information. After you receive the money, you will be required to send updates to the investors weekly, and will be receiving random farm visits from the Puno team and your investors might they wish to do so.

Why Do We Do it?

Our calling is to make it easy for small scale farmers to reach commercialization

We exist to empower already existing famers into creating food sustainable communities with the vision of making the African continent a more food secure place than it is currently.

Our goal is to grow the future of Africa’s Agriculture by financially empowering the excluded farmers into being bigger businesses that produce on a bigger scale and provide for the whole continent.

And to address the lack of business development skills invested into farmers.

Most farmers are farming informally and without registered businesses or proper accounting methods in place. This means that the problems faced by startup farmers and all farmers will be very farmer specific, as compared to other businesses in general. Puno is a farmer specific fintech solution. How can we help you?

Register With Us

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Questions Frequently Asked by Farmers

We fund farmers, from small scale to established. We don’t fund “great ideas” we fund farmers that can demonstrate that they have expertise either in training, family background or personal experience.

To qualify for funding, you need to be a registered agri-business with a bank account that has been in operation for more than 3 months.

No, at Puno we give you funds that you will need to pay back as you harvest.

  1. Banks and other institutions require monthly repayment and have monthly interest rates, at Puno you pay as you harvest and our interest rate is according to your harvest period.
  2. Traditional bank loans take security in the form of land or assets to secure funding. Our funding model does not require security for funding.
  3. Because of our crowd investing platform, Puno also helps validate need and society support, if people invest in you, they will buy from you.

By clicking on “Apply” on our website or alternatively Calling/Whatsapping +27767370121 to speak to our team of experts.

Unlike typical loans, at Puno we focus more on your personal skills and what you have done and will do with the funds than on your personal credit score.

You, with the help of our team, will identify needs in your business that need financial support and also determine how many harvests it will take to pay back the money loaned to you.

Please call our team of expert +27767370121 for more guidance, or email admin@punogreenery.co.za

After the crowdsourcing period (Which will be dependant on how much you need and the type of farming you do) has concluded.

Yes, you can choose to pay earlier, certain early settlement discounts may apply and you will not pay any early settlement fees.

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